GSA Investor Day Highlights, February 24 2019

GSA's 2019 Investor Day was held February 24th 2019 at the beautiful Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Daniela Cambone, Editor of Kitco was on hand to interview some of the speakers and you can view those interviews below.

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John Doody
Editor, Gold Stock Analyst

Only The Fed Could Kill Gold Now
Paul Brink
President and Chief Operating Officer, Franco Nevada

Here's How Franco Nevadas President Sees Gold Right Now
Rudi Fronk
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Seabridge Gold

Majors Are Running Out Of Mine Life, Says This Veteran Miner
Bruce McLeod
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sabina Gold

The Beginnings Of A Bull Market In Commodities
Peter Tagliamonte
President and Chief Executive Officer, Belo Sun

The Biggest Challenges Facing Miners, According To One CEO
Adrian Day
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Day Asset Management

These Are Must Watch Factors For Gold
Christian Milau
Chief Executive Officer, Equinox Gold

Why This CEO Doesn't Want A Repeat Of 2011 For Gold