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The research, analysis and portfolio management methods detailed GSA's newsletters were developed and proven by John Doody as a successful and innovative private investor. He still applies these same rules for his personal investments, even as he shares them with an ever-growing family of private and professional investors.

Maintaining clear and consistent investment criteria:

To make it onto the GSA Top10 list, companies must meet specific conditions:

  • They're must be in or near actual production: The GSA method focuses only on companies that are already producing gold or have proven reserves and are about to commence production.

  • They must demonstrate strong technical and business management capabilities: GSA meticulously studies all relevant aspects of companies under evaluation, including management teams, production plans and methods, balance sheets and independent analyses of drill results.

  • They must be significantly undervalued: For a stock to make it onto the Top10, GSA must conclude that its price has the potential to at least double within three years-based on existing projects, and without any increase in gold price.

Maintaining independence, integrity and respect for the subscriber:

There are analysts and newsletter publishers covering the precious metals industry who get paid by some of the companies they write about. GSA regards such arrangements as a clear conflict of interest and a disservice to investors who seek honest guidance. At GSA we believe we can only serve subscribers by being 100% immune from any potential influence from the companies we evaluate and recommend. That's why we have always been—and always will be—solely subscriber funded.

It is GSA policy to never trade, sell or rent your email address or any other personal information, or try to sell you subscriptions to other newsletters or services. Also, we do not auto-renew your subscription.


In the July 2019 issue...

of GSA-Pro we look at the periods 2000, 2007 and 2019, contrast and compare these years of gold growth.

We provide in depth reports on Kirkland Lake, Lundin, Midas, New Gold, the Nevada JV:ABX+NEM, plus Mega-Oz Projects Northern Dynasty, Novagold, Pretium, and Seabridge. Plus recent news of our Top 10 stocks and our regular data charts of all GSA-Pro stocks.

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